RJ Dake

Teacher / Consultant, Kansas Department of Education
Topeka, KS, United States

About RJ


'Nothing is more important than Ethics! The journey is more important than getting to what you want.' When first offered that insight as a college student, I dismissed it as the ramblings of a wannabe philosopher. That philosopher was my roommate ... someone I respect to this day for carrying forward an ethic considerate of those around him while he enjoyed the 'now' of the life he was delivered. Fortunately, I have found someone I respect as much or more as a spouse. With her and with my two children, I explore each day as it arrives. I am a blessed man. For that and for the experiences of my life, I am ever grateful.

Areas of Expertise

Instructional Technology, Instructional Leadership, Literacy Education K-12

An idea worth spreading

People have an infinite ability to learn quickly ... but wisdom takes more time! As we push for more and more knowledge are we forsaking the ability to learn with a discerning eye?

I'm passionate about

Student Learning and Instruction

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Organizational Involvement, Learning, Social Structures

People don't know I'm good at

Defining and articulating the underlying design. Getting to the root of the conflict. Finding viable solutions.

My TED story

I grew up a farm kid, so my first foray into college was a shock of cultures, activities, and freedoms. Time has softened my view of the world and has given me the opportunity to travel. The more I learn, the more I am interested in hearing/reading of others. I've been entertained and enlightened by much I have heard and seen here. Those things attractive have always been my "places to go next." ... TED seems to be such a place!

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Comments & conversations

RJ Dake
Posted about 4 years ago
Isn't it time to eliminate grades in education?
I wonder if the debate doesn't miss something that many educators would recognize. We accomplish nothing by offering a negative but offering a positive with no factual basis becomes worthless ... "every child an 'A'" is a failing score as much as "no one makes the grade." What is significantly more important, and this can be extended to employee evaluations, social measures ... maybe even Angie's List, is that we need to find recognition for success and for the skills posessed. I'm not being "Polyanna," I am noting that encouragement provides productive energy and the converse nets demoralization. Are we hoping for a productive society or a destructive one? Education, as the body most responsible for transmission of culture, must have a realignment of focus. Whether you agree or disagree with the slogan or the purveyor, "Yes we can!" struck a cord. Our nation hungers for ANY affirmation and most will reward affirmation with affirmation or productivity. We need to reconsider what we want from education and put aside our traditions enough to implement what we have understood for decades will be more productive and beneficial for our future. We need to invite students, children, and those around them to SUCCEED! RJ Dake
RJ Dake
Posted over 6 years ago
Hans Rosling: New insights on poverty
Hans is one of the most significant speakers I've ever had the opportunity to hear! Thank you TED for bringing insight into economics and health ... what a gift!!! RJ Dake