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I am working on a book about overcoming the world and its ability to push our buttons, which basically comes with the skill of loving oneself. I would say that I am provocateur and public advocate. I like to think and live outside the boxes. When I chose Freedom as my name thirty something years ago it was because I did not feel free to enjoy and love what life was offering. That is no longer true for me, but now I see myself in others so the journey has not ended.



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Raising Consciousness

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Words don't hurt people, it is people's reactions to words that cause harm. We can overcome the world's ability to push our buttons if we seek to just relax.

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Communication, emotional self mastery, enlightenment, unconditional love

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Waking up to the power we already have within us.

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Jim Freedom
Posted over 2 years ago
Susan Cain: The power of introverts
Susan has some good points, she is just hard to listen. I used to be an extreme introvert but now I would call myself an "omnivert". That transaction took work on myself and my habitual reactions to the thoughts I had about being around people.
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Jim Freedom
Posted over 2 years ago
Can we ever know how another person "senses" the world?
Two hundred years ago people could not imagine talking to someone who was hundreds of miles away. Today almost everyone does it when they use the phone. People understand that it is possible to communicate sounds over wires that replicate the sounds being made at a long distance. We also understand that those sounds (and images) can be communicated over the airways via radio signals. The human body communicates within itself via 'wires' know as neurons, but today few people recognize that the body can also communicate both within itself and outside of itself via the airways just like radios do. For those who have experimented with this they can experience another's sensations and thoughts. This does not come easy and it takes considerable time and effort to develop this ability, so few have ventured into this exploration. Part of this process is developing the ability to stop perception and just allow sensation, which, as you might imagine, if not easy. This is one of the directions of human evolution.