Evgenija Stojchevska

Skopje, Macedonia

About Evgenija


My name is Evgenija Stojchevska. I am a senior in high school and a passionate TED enthusiast.

Currently I am immersed into the process of applying for colleges, and am interning at the American Corner Skopje.

I translate for TED because I want to bring the phenomenal speeches I have no difficulty understanding to Macedonians who are not necessarily fluent in English - specifically I am referring to some of the older generations. I have often wanted to share some of the clips found on TED with a few family members, relatives, and some friends, but they shy away from watching because of their lack of proficiency in English.

More importantly, I want to translate for TED because I want to help break the cultural barrier which is present in different spheres of living in my country. I am a huge believer in what TED stands for, and the message it delivers; more people need to hear it. I hope I can contribute in achieving this goal, one translation at a time.

People don't know I'm good at

baking absolutely phenomenal brownies, and I say this without a trace of vanity. It's true. My brownies have been known to cause cases of extreme euphoria and happiness.

My TED story

My TED journey began one day during Chemistry class when my teacher decided to show us Rachel Pike's The science behind a climate headline speech. With that a whole new world I wasn't aware existed was opened to me, and I found myself taking in as much as I could. I watched perhaps 50 clips in the course of a week. I got addicted. I still am. TED opened a whole new window of thought for me, widening my horizons beyond in a way that only fantastic people and their stories can.

Favorite talks