Kirill Moiseyev

Marketer, Stereomarketing
Khabarovsk, Russian Federation

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Kirill Moiseyev
Posted about 4 years ago
Should we be concerned with companies owning our data?
We should be concerned about our personal information not when we've already spread it out, but when we are about to share it. Problem is not in those companies owning our personal information, but in us. It's for us to decide whether we are ready to give some peculiar information of our personality. If you are not sure of someone to provide you with reasonable security, just drop it out and you'll get rid of the headache. We just need reason.
Kirill Moiseyev
Posted over 4 years ago
What do employees want the most?
As a fresh employee I think it would be nice if employers stopped considering graduates as a 2nd option for hiring. Most of them (I'm talking about the situation in Russia now. Can't judged about what's happening somewhere else) think we don't have enough experience in disposal. Yes, that's right, we don't, but they forget about our flexibility and swift mind for new things and getting necessary skills is a matter of a few months. That is what quite important for me at least.