Carlos Uldérico Cirello Filho

Sã£O Paulo, Brazil

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I am a Futurist and Computer Programmer. The former I am for profession, passion and necessity, the lattter for pleasure and intellectual curiosity.


English, Italian, Portuguese

Areas of Expertise

Futurism, Computer Systems Development

I'm passionate about

I am really passionate about studies of the Future, which I got introduced by Joel Barker's movie Power of Vision. Also I am very fond of Computer Programming and Bleeding Edge Technologies.

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I love to talk about Computer Programming, Future (understand the possibilities of tomorrow), Vision (how to discover what you really want in the future), Paradigm Study, and Macro-economy.

People don't know I'm good at

Listening people and understanding them.

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Carlos Uldérico Cirello Filho
Posted almost 3 years ago
Would you buy unethical clothes?
Knowingly? Absolutely, no. However this question is quite shallow because it hides one important information: Buyers are not told the clothes are unethical - and there is not a way of knowing it. If it is there something to buy - at affordable prices - it is very likely I would buy it. I suppose that the goods on sale are legal and ethical at point of sale. If I should know that this good at stake is unethical, I would not buy it.