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Karol Batek
Posted over 3 years ago
Who do you trust more to help you understand world events, the press, politicians or your friends/family, or someone/something else? Why?
True journalism is a dying trade. Oddly enough, new media is contributing to it the most (I recommend you this great complex documentary Page One (2011) about one year in The New York Times that deals with the transformation of the media industry at its time of greatest turmoil). Despite this contradiction I think the best way to understand world is to have as much imput as possible and the truth is hiding somewhere in the middle. So I go with all of a mentioned. One more though. Two months ago I was reading an amazing article about the way people search news on the internet. Despite a truckload of sources on any topic you can possibly look for, people tend to search only those sources that correspond with their political views, beliefs etc. So let's say you are a liberal looking for more news on gay marriage. You are more likely to just browse through a liberal media like Huffington Post or NYT, but you probably won't care what republican media like Washington Post or Fox News have to say about the cause. By that selection process you are blocking yourself from getting the full picture, therefore you voluntarily distort your understanding of the cause. And if that is the way you obtain the news, I don't trust you. What's even more troubling, search engines are adapting to your taste and mirror it in the future search results, so I also want to recommend you this talk: http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/eli_pariser_beware_online_filter_bubbles.html And if you are not in a hurry, then wait a few decades - time always shows the right face of the past events through arts.