Chris Valentino

Founding Partner / Executive Creative Director, Motive NYC, llc
New York, NY, United States

About Chris


Chris has an award winning history in both film and television. His directing credits include the documentary film INNERSTATE which chronicled the lives of people living with chronic disease, the online Talk Show New Way RA hosted by Deborah Norville and now in its second season, the wellness program FIT IN YOUR SKIN with Jackie Warner, ESPN & Showtime’s Vargas Vs Mayorga: COUNTDOWN TO THE BRAWL, consumer marketing campaigns for Time Warner, History, 1-800 OK Cable and RoadRunner™ and numerous television pilots and show opens. Chris has also directed numerous health and wellness projects for Saatchi & Saatchi, Lyonheart and Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals among others for brands such as Simponi®, Remicade®, PegIntron™ and Enbrel®.

Chris' producing credits also include: the feature film BROOKLYN LOBSTER, featuring Danny Aiello and Jane Curtin; SPEED RACER LIVES, the animated DVD program for toy company ART ASYLUM; and the independent horror film DISORDER. In addition Chris has produced numerous marketing campaigns for clients such as History, Chiller, ESPN, Saatchi & Saatchi, Cablevision, Time Warner Cable and 1-800 OK CABLE.

Chris’s work has garnered recognition with awards from industry organizations such as Promax, the New York Festival, Telly Awards, the International Monitor Awards, Burke Awards, Omni Intermedia Awards, and Axiem Awards among others. His film work has been recognized by numerous festivals including the Toronto International Film Festival, The Hamptons International Film Festival and The First Run Film Festival.

Areas of Expertise

Promotions & Marketing , Directing, Writing, Producer and Director, Brand and Identity Design, Brainstormer + Planner + Producer, Social Media, Strategist, Documentaries (Long Form/ Short Form), Storytelling

I'm passionate about

Ideas, Innovation, Technology, Science, Education


New York University

Comments & conversations

Chris Valentino
Posted about 4 years ago
Do the creators of advertising have any obligation other than to drive results for clients?
Chuck, I believe any opportunity to enlighten and inform is a good one. When faced with the typical advertising assignments we are often placing our client's objectives (obviously) on the fore front. "Sell this" - "Drive this" It becomes the cretive obligation of the team behind the ideal to propel that notion forward. Where we see true success is inour ability as creatives to infuse a broader message. As you know advertising is refelective of the heartbeat of the people at any given moment. Truly successful campaigns tap into that rythm and offer up innovative ways to "sell", "entertain" and hopefully enlighten.