Peter Haglund

Business Area Head , Assistive Technology, Infotiv AB
Goteborg, Sweden

About Peter

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Born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Married and a father of two sons. Love skiing downhill, camping in the forest and mushroom picking. Read a lot and I am not picky about what, novels, lyrics and scientific papers all a like.

I am also a glider pilot trainee. Again I might add as I started as a teenager but the military service, then university, then family and career stood in the way for my glider certificate. However I now started all over and hopefully I will have the certificate next spring.


English, Swedish

Areas of Expertise

Project Managament

An idea worth spreading

People are not dumb, they are sometimes just not that lucky while thinking.

I'm passionate about

Cooking, Skiing, Sailing and being in the forest. Technology and physics as well as religion debates also take alot of my time.

My TED story

I stumbled over Sir Ken Robinson's talk and since that day, has been the number one bookmark. I just love it! What an amazing display of diversity and intelligence!

Favorite talks