Hamidreza Setayesh

Regional Progrmme adviser, United Nations
Cairo, Egypt

About Hamidreza


Hamidreza is a Medical Doctor with further studies in Public Health and International Law. He is currently a Regional Programme Advisor for the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) in the Middle East and North Africa team (MENA – RST) based in Cairo, Egypt. In this capacity, Hamidreza covers several themes including Strategic Information, Surveillance, Gender, Human Rights, Partnerships, Civil Society, and UN Coordination, as well as being the focal point for 11 countries (Egypt, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and the GCC).
Before joining the RST, Hamid was the head of UNAIDS Country Office in Iran (2005 – 2008) and prior to that was working with the United Nations Children’s Fund as Health Officer (2001 – 2005). Hamidreza has worked for about two years in the public sector in Disaster Preparedness Unit of Tehran Municipality and has the experience of serving the government as Deputy Director General for International Affairs in the Ministry of Health of Iran. He started his professional career in the same institution as a technical officer in the Council for Planning in Curative Affairs on a project on rationing specialized medical care.
He has lectured in Communicable Disease Epidemiology (HIV/AIDS) at the schools of public health of Iran and Tehran Universities of Medical Sciences and has facilitated several courses in International Health, UN learning strategy on HIV, Millennium Declaration and Millennium Development Goals.
Hamidreza has a number of peer reviewed articles and several abstracts and conference presentation.
He is a founding member of Student Research Committee of Iran University of Medical Sciences, and an active member of Global Network of Researchers on HIV/AIDS in MENA (since 2005), International AIDS Society, Iranian Society of Epidemiology, and Iran Medical Association.



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