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Management consultant, Writing - business, technology and creative, IT consulting & advisory

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Good will towards h/w and s/w... oh... and peace on earth naturally.

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Getting on their nerves.

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Instead of another ground for profit oriented endeavours, TED is what internet is meant to be....

Joined TED Translators
First TEDx - Dec 19th 2010, pusat perfilman usmar ismail kuningan, Jakarta, Indonesia
First TEDxLIVE - Mar 12th 2011, @America, Jakarta, Indonesia.
First TEDGlobal Webcast - TEDGlobal 2011, Edinburgh, England
Joined TED Conversation mods - 6 July 2011
First TEDxJakarta volunteering - Social Media Fest Jakarta 22-24 Sep 2011

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Judge Pau
Posted over 3 years ago
When the brand others have made for you overwhelms the real you, how do you re-brand yourself as yourself?
You don't rebrand yourself because people brand you. You rebrand yourself when it is needed. Like when those things that make people brand you certain way no longer works for you... makes you unhappy.. or unproductive. So to me... It is just a regular adaptation to life and work. It's just a flowchart of self improvement. New challenges.. assess yourself... swot kinda analysis and deal with it... what you can change you change... what you can't you either negotiate or get help. And as I'm changing people will give me new nick name... *smile*
Judge Pau
Posted over 3 years ago
Is the future "infinite copyright" ?
Copyleft. Creative common. And Open source ideology which Steve Jobs openly oppose. But copyright is just the grandchild of economy. Want it to end ? End the need for money... *Jean Luc Picard kinda smile*
Judge Pau
Posted over 3 years ago
Is it better to look at the whole structure or the foundation or the flaws?
I think much of it has been well study in the field of root cause analysis. The search will start at current state of course but whether it will go back to where it began will depend on the findings. Never the other way around. It's rarely happen that multiple cause be identify in a single case. Usually troubleshooting or analysis will point to a single cause that's MOST responsible to the problem at hands. But let's for the sake of the argument it happens... then I say, yeah... you rebuild.