Melissa Mendes

Campinas - São Paulo, Brazil

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An university student. A girl with a dream, who will make everything that's possible to achieve it.


English, Portuguese

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Physics, Physics - Cosmology

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"There are 'leaders' and there are 'those who lead' "

"Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy"

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Physics, Literature



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Melissa Mendes
Posted about 3 years ago
Trial and error is inefficient
Yes, I understand your argument, Ajidicia, and, in a certain way, agree with it. However, I think that the mainly objetive of Tim Harford is not to make us suddenly drop all the tecniches we've developed these years to solve problems reducing errors, but to make us realize that it is not expected from us that we have all the answers. And even more, that it is important to make mistakes, because sometimes it is the only way we can find out something completely unexpected. To realize that we are free to make trials open our minds and really unleashes the creative process, which is the base not only to solve problems but to discover mysteries. The ability to admit that there are empty spaces in our knowledge - and that they will always exist - is not only a powerful weapon against proud, vanity and non-cooperative feelings - the caracteristics of the God complex - but it is also the first step to a better way of life, free from stress, phsycological pressure and the responsability of being perfect.