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German, Spanish

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Invite the impossible into the possibility. Dare to imagine an even truer truth and an even better good.

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Art, music, technology, the environment, spirituality, and traveling.


Baker College

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Nanotechnology, transhumanism, and the paranormal.

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Enigma Valdez
Posted over 3 years ago
Anthony Atala: Growing new organs
I have to say that when I watched this I was in shock. How could a human kidney be just printed?? Sounds unreal, but here we have a video of it being done. Are we really heading to having our bodies and organs being printed on demand when our own organs begin to fail?
Enigma Valdez
Posted over 3 years ago
What are your thoughts and questions on "the magic washing machine"?
It is amazing how far technological progress has come. I have always lived with a washing machine and everyone I knew had them. I can only imagine what it was like back in the old days before the washing machine. It must have seemed like a complete miracle for the women to see a machine do what took them all day do in just an hour's time. It reminds me of things today, like fully functional bicycles and human kidneys being printed. I enjoyed this video clip.