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Ramat-Gan, Israel

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Eran Givoni
Posted over 4 years ago
The west can no longer claim to be an honest broker in the search for peace in the Middle East.
I will concede that the West has lost what little it had of the moral high ground due to recent events (though it is worth mentioning that many of the same people that denounce the west for not being active enough, especially those coming from the political spectrum, have voiced little or no such objections for this pattern of behavior over the last 30 years). But I think there is another question to be asked about the very notion the mediation is an essential part of negotiations. What I mean is: If two sides to any conflict are not interested in a solution, can any mediation help? And, if two sides toa conflict ARE truly interested in a solution, how essential is mediation to begin with? An example: In his book "Innocent Abroad", Martin Indyck mentions that the US was completely oblivious the ongoing secret negotiations between the PLO and Israel until a very late stage. The same was to be said for the Israeli-Jordanian track.