Batsoyombo Batchuluun

Student of economics, Buckingham Group Contracting
London, Mongolia

About Batsoyombo


Currently enrolled as a student at The University of Buckingham, studying varieties of subjects but I have a single core goal. Contribute to the changes that are taking place in my country and direct it to a way which I feel which is the correct path.

Areas of Expertise

Economics, Business, Law

I'm passionate about

Astronomy, photography, religious debate, economics, discussing family issues, philosophy, traveling, community and volunteer work, snooker, golf. etc

Talk to me about

Starting a circle of dedicated translators to introduce the most entertaining but most importantly up-to-date educational and informative lectures and articles that are published in English language.

People don't know I'm good at

Snowboarding, drawing, being silly and irritating at times, ballroom dancing etc.

My TED story

Sometimes gems can be found from unexpected places. One rainy day after watching some movie clips from Youtube and skimming through some comments which were left on Richard Dawkin's videos I found a really thrilling idea which was brought up by someone and that person mentioned he got the idea from one website. Yes, you guessed it right. It was TED. After pushing on one of the talks, I was thrilled to found out that I might actually find numerous lectures and speakers similar with the one i have just watched, and when i was watching it the only thing that was popping into my head was, I have to SPREAD the word, especially to the ones back home.

Favorite talks