Abhishek Baikadi

Teaching assistant, IIT Madras
Calicut,kerala, India

About Abhishek


Chemical engineering | IIT Madras | Masters | Control | Optimization | Bachelors | NIT Calicut | Web Designer | N7W Champion | Volley Ball | networking | TEDxNITCalicut


English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu

Areas of Expertise

Cooking - vegetarian, vegan, raw, Banking, Chemical engineer

I'm passionate about

technology, speed, make people laugh.

Talk to me about

Students life, social empowerment, new ideas for better life, web design, Funny part of life

People don't know I'm good at

Handling them

My TED story


i started watching TED when got bored of movies and tv serials in 2009.
From then i've watched many ted talks, though never got a opportunity to attend one.

Now in 2011 , my 3rd year of UG course, along with my friends
planning to organise a TEDx event in our campus, NIT calicut , India

According to me, TED is a great organisation spreading ideas to world.
But the sad part is this mainly helps the one having reach to virtual world.

All I want to do in future is, That to take TED to one who cant afford for a internet facility and so on. Ideas on work...lets see what i'll end up with .

Comments & conversations

Abhishek Baikadi
Posted over 3 years ago
why do not our calendars have dates for man ?
Ahmed, I too taught few days ago and had a small discussion with my friends here. We don't have specific Man's day as world was ruled by men, all the time. At once these men felt to bring women in this developing world and world women day is celebrated to encourage and salute women's contribution to society. recently many other days are celebrated, as just to remind our people about the problems faced by women and thus changing people's mind towards them and respect them equally.
Abhishek Baikadi
Posted over 3 years ago
Watch TED on TV and have TED audio files
well i agree with it. So its all about licensing. If TED releases the license to broadcast, may be many channels may come up with that, proving advertisements in b/w talks, and may be having a discussion after each talk . and about audio, it suits for some talks, where words are more important than expression, but not in all.