Jaclyn Quinn

Student- University of Guelph
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

About Jaclyn


I am a student at the University of Guelph in Canada. As Lead Organizer of TEDxGuelphU this year, Co-Primary Organizer last year and general member before that, TEDxGuelphU has seen great success of our TEDx events. The first event we held was entitled 'More Than Meets' the Eye, where we looked at what's going on beyond face value, delving deeper into both everyday and large scale phenomena. Our most recent event was themed 'envision 2020', looking closely at the year 2020, where we'll be and how to get there smarter. We've been honoured to showcase such brilliant and inspiring speakers, and hope to continue to do this in the future! This year, our theme is 'Perceiving Past the Paradigm', where we will be looking to challenge mainstream thought and BEYOND the box thinking. Apparently, we like the idea of 'sight' at TEDxGuelphU! & our signature red glasses only further supports this slight obsession.



Areas of Expertise

Marketing & Advertising, psychology, Social Innovation

An idea worth spreading

"The world is propelled by ideas, but insight alters the axis by which the world is propelled. Inversion propels the reality we all see, so flip the pancakes and discover the new reality." -unknown

I'm passionate about

TED Talks, realistic optimism, psychology, advertising, social innovation, adventure, discovering new ways of seeing, and exploring thoughts and ideas

My TED story

I joined in organizing a TEDx event without knowing much about what TED was or stood for. My friend introduced me to TED and the TEDxGuelphU team. I fell head over heels for TED, and have been infatuated by TED ever since.

Comments & conversations

Jaclyn Quinn
Posted over 3 years ago
In ten words or less, what is a question no one (yet) knows the answer to?
Expectations The human brain is wired to be influenced by Expectations. Placebos have their effect through a sort of mind-over-matter process. It's similar to how drug addicts can feel a 'high' by watching a video of another drug user 'shooting up.' We don't need to directly experience the drug's action to 'feel' the same result, IF we can expect what the effects of the drug could be. (The actual mechanism may be the expected reinforcing/rewarding effects from a drug, like alcohol, by way of the Dopaminergic pathway).