Davy Sims

Head of Social Media, Public Achievement
Belfast, United Kingdom

About Davy

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30+ years in broadcasting - 10 of them in web/new media at the BBC which I left after 7 years as Head of New Media.

I am Head of Social Media for the charity Public Achievement managing the WIMPS (Where Is My Public Servant?) project. Public Achievement works with young people and supports adults who work with young people in tougher social realities and post conflict communities. WIMPS is a politics, community and media project with the objective of helping young people create positive, sustainable change through journalism, video production, social media and campaigns.

Previously I was a broadcaster starting in Downtown Radio in 1979. I moved to the BBC in 1986 as a radio producer becoming Head of New Media in 2001.

An idea worth spreading

"It's about people, it's always about people."

I'm passionate about

Podcasting, Radio, Social Media, Creative Development, Business and Economic Development

Talk to me about

New ways of connecting, new ways of thinking, new ways of making Northern Ireland a better place socially and economically.

People don't know I'm good at

Ironing, washing dishes and vacuuming

My TED story

I stumbled upon TED several years ago. There was TEDx but no one had organised a TEDxBelfast, so I thought I would. I have now organised 2 TEDxBelfast events, worked with a great team on TEDxBelfastWomen and next year expect to hold a third TEDxBelfast and help out with a new TEDxStormont.

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