Asad Khalid

TEDx Activators' Manager, TEDx
Karachi, Pakistan

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Asad Khalid is a believer in the human factor! He understands the challenging realms of finance, event management, project administration, disaster relief, training execution, webcasting, social media, youth activism, social entrepreneurship, gender sensitization/awareness and decision making. He believes in cultivating opportunities both internationally and locally. This has enabled him to work in geographically dispersed projects. These include Quetta (high-risk/conflict torn city), Karachi (cosmopolitan and the business hub), Lahore (cultural capital), Islamabad (federal capital) as well as several impoverished and underdeveloped towns. His central philosophy is to accept people and situations as they are. He has lead and managed teams of up to 70 individuals. Asad understands the need to delegate, accepting issues, solution orientation, systems and knowledge management. Over the course of these projects he has acted as a coach and mentor to upcoming youth desirous of becoming social entrepreneurs. His enthusiasm and eagerness to learn led him to attend over 21 courses (in a span of 3 years) focusing on leadership skill development, strategic planning, visioning and social action. Asad contributes to Art of Living Foundation’s (the world’s largest volunteer based organization functioning in over 152 countries working to create a stress and violence free society) events on a regular basis. He is an International licensee of two TEDx events moreover served as a certified trainer and event coordinator International Association for Human Values ( He has been selected for a scholarship by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to attend TEDActive2012 in USA. Asad is an amateur photographer and music enthusiast favoring genres that appeal to his mood and ear-drums. He has the knack to solve problems and sees as them as adventures.


English, Punjabi, Urdu

Areas of Expertise

Accounting , Event & Project Management, Photography

An idea worth spreading

Evaluation is a neccessary evil..we can not do without it in our world!

I'm passionate about

The collective imagination. The revolutionary potential of the creative process.