Young Eun Kim

Student, Ewha Foreign Language High school
Seoul / Gang Nam Gu, South Korea

About Young Eun


I was born in Seoul, Korea. Since I was young I've been interested in English. I've done a lot of activies and when I was in fourth year of elementary school, I went to USA for a year because my dad had to take a sabbatical year. I stayed in Demarest, New Jersey. After coming back from USA, I got into Ewha Foreign Language High School which is the school I'm attending currently. And I'm still working hard on improving my English skills. I also like musical things. I've been playing violin since I was a first grade student in elementary school. Besides playing instruments I also like listening to music, and learning about diverse instruments.


Chinese, English, Korean

I'm passionate about

doing something in English and helping other people. I'm also passionate about things related to children and in letting people know about Korea.

Talk to me about

music, children, English and Korea.

People don't know I'm good at

translating English into Korean, taking care of children. Also to some people's surprise, I'm good at talking with strangers.

My TED story

I discovered this site with the help of my school's English teacher. He introduced this site to us and I found it so interesting and I thought this would be something I could do with a great pleasure. I'm looking forward to my activities in TED.