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Arief Rakhman
Posted over 2 years ago
How much time do you spend in the "virtual world" of on-line communities?
more than 6 hours on average, I've tried FB, now I sober it for more than 1 month, I've tried blogwalking, sharing some of my feelings there, but it's worsened (it's like being naked and seen by the world), now I have a brake from constant checking of feed readers, Now I'm into Twitter, using tool like Hootsuite, I find many great quotes and interesting links shared there, but I can't control myself for not copying the text, feels like a compulsive collector symptom, Yes I agree with Sherry. And her point of "I share therefore I am" struck me hard. I feel like I shared something pointless, then I feel less than I am. It's not a good feeling. For I always searching uniqueness, and I want to be unique, but can I?