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HR Manager, Unilever PLC
Chester, United Kingdom

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Agnes van Ommen
Posted over 2 years ago
A conversation with Prudential: As people are living longer, how can we plan for a retirement that could last up to 30 years or more?
I think we should focus less on the traditional concept of retirement, as a time when someone does not earn any money. More and more people will need to earn money into their 70's, and the real question for me is: what jobs will be available for those past 70, which still earn a reasonable wage? Most over 70 won't be able or willing to travel, work 40+ hours or have the strenghth or health to do what they were able to earlier in their careers. I see it as a duty of governments and big companies to design jobs targetted at the older employee, enabling them to work for as long as they want (within reason). I assume technology will bring a lot more flexibility than we have today. I think we are at the beginning of a change in jobs design in organisations and everyone's view of retirement.