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Im 41, a California resident and a huge fan of TED!

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Stay open...always stay open. Haven't we all believed things that we look back on with an embarrassing sentiment? Someday we will look back on our current beliefs the same way...some of them at least. That is why I love TED. I can listen to thinkers and make sense of things, my self and others. We are all the wiser because of TED.

I'm passionate about business (internet marketing), sports and new points of view...I love being proven wrong...Is there anything more important than an open mind? Not in my mind...maybe I'm wrong!

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billy gee
Posted about 3 years ago
Richard Dawkins: Militant atheism
I didn't hear anything about spreading hate. Militant and hate are completely different. Nor did I hear him asking anyone to be disrespectful...We heard completely different things.