Steve Leveen

CEO - Co Founder, Levenger
Delray Beach, FL, United States

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Direct Marketing, brand building, Copywriting & Editing, Non-fiction writing, reading , Language learning

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literacy, libraries, conscious capitalism, entrepreneurism, bilingualism, human rights, publishing

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Steve Leveen
Posted 8 months ago
Will we eventually have one global language?
Yes, I think we should and will eventually have one global language, and I think we could accomplish this while preserving native languages all over the world. This would mean that people the world over would be bilingual. I'm impressed that European Union has a language goal for its 450 million citizens, which is to learn two languages in addition to one's native language. And it appears that the EU is making progress toward this goal, with the most commonly spoken second language being English. I'd like to see the US adopt a language goal of English+1, meaning that everyone speak English fluently plus one other language of their choice. Moreover, I'd like to see the US become the most diversely bilingual nation, consistent with its heritage as a nation of immigrants.
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Steve Leveen
Posted about 2 years ago
Sherry Turkle: Connected, but alone?
Thank you Sherry! I'm reading your book (Alone Together) and took a break half way through to watch this video and took notes on it in my hardcover. What a joy to learn so richly in this manner. "Start thinking of solitude as a good thing" is so right. Your findings interplay with those of Susan Cain and her book Quiet (and her TED video). A reminder that it's in our comfortable contemplations by ourselves that many of us find ourselves and become ready to engage others in real life. Thankfully, we use the word real and know what we mean. At least for now. Your fan, Steve