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Currently working as a Marketer for a large multi-national organization, with a background in Advertising. Aspiring to be a true philanthrocapitalist one day.


Arabic, English, French

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What if everybody in the world completely registered they had one life to live? what if they really thought about it? what would happen?

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I am passionate about life. I feel things get so much simpler and clearer and easier once everybody realizes that they just have this ONE life to live. Decisions and actions don't need second thoughts

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how to add value to life

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bringing people together from all walks of life

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Posted over 2 years ago
Julia Bacha: Pay attention to nonviolence
We can debate for YEARS about the Palestinian-Israeli story, but people lets focus on the message Julia is giving: PEACEFUL PROTESTS WORK AND NEED TO BE HIGHLIGHTED IN THE GLOBAL MEDIA AS THE ONLY EFFECTIVE WAY TO PROTEST. We need to set the standard for humanity to follow. We need to lead by example. The examples shown in the media are unfortunately not this kind of protest - one reason being because they know that their ratings would be significantly higher with "more drama".
Posted almost 3 years ago
What's your TED habit?
i enjoy watching TED before i go to bed during the work week. i love it so much that i share it with friends via email. but i realized i dont get "satisfied" when i simply send them the link. i want to be there when they finish watching and want to have discussions with them. thats how i came up with the simple idea of TED @ Home. i basically send out an open-invite to colleagues and friends to come over to my place once every 2 weeks and we have discussions and debates over pre-selected talks (TED talks chosen by the audience). The discussion that happens truly adds value to every person in the "event". its a lot of fun and we get to really bond and connect with each other in ways we would never do normally in our usual busy lifestyles. i wish more people did this!
Posted about 3 years ago
Maajid Nawaz: A global culture to fight extremism
Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I agree with what he's saying - grassroots organizations and creating demand for democracy is essential. However I feel his speech lacked one major element. What is the appeal of the extremist islamic organizations? For example, why do they gain the support they do. There's an internal contradiction here because he says the majority of the people who join extremist groups are well-educated and well-off. But he advocates grassroot organizations which generally target the masses and start at the community level - so the starting point is with a different target population in mind. So although essential, unless we understand what the appeal of these groups r and how someone born n raised in a "democratic" state such as the UK with a high level of education finds these groups appealing we still fall short of understanding how to effectively stop the phenomena. Same goes for extremism of all types including neo-nazism, polygamous christian societies etc. But still. Important talk. My two cents.
Posted about 4 years ago
Chris Abani: Telling stories from Africa
a thought comes to mind - maybe not exclusively linked to this talk: i admire people who have been tortured, who have fallen, who have been punished, who have been psychologically attacked about their ideologies - and are able to rise up again and speak to the world about their ideas. being able to get up after you have fallen is one of those things we all need to have in us.