Carel Nolte

Whatever I want to be,
Johannesburg, South Africa

About Carel


Studied law, languages. Worked at the BBC. Then Hollard Insurance. Then after a short period of doing my own thing, joined a start up company Etana Insurance - a business insurer doing things diffrently not for difference sake but to make a real difference to team mates and clients. Etana was sold in December 2013 and I now focus full-time on - a business that invests in people and businesses who believe in fun and that 2 + 2 = (at least) 22 and not 4 :) I live in South Africa and am a passionate African. I believe anything is possible and that my friends and family are what make this world worthwhile. I love life and laugh a lot at the hand I am dealt. Love living in Johannesburg. Burning Man is something I love attending. Being chairman of St Stithians College is very important to me an a responsibility I take very seriously, and enjoy tremendously. I love running, reading, challenging myself and remembering that unless we are dead, anything is possible!


Afrikaans, English, French

TED Conferences

TEDActive 2014, TEDActive 2013, TEDActive 2012

Areas of Expertise

Communications Technology, Writing, People management , Getting things done, Influencing, Challenging, Caring , Growing, Motivating and Inspiring, Marketing / Branding

An idea worth spreading

Anything is possible. Don't mess up. If you do, learn from it and fix your mistake. Move on. Don't take yourself too seriously and laugh. A lot :) Expect the best from yourself and others and usually that is what you get :)

I'm passionate about

People. Making a difference. Having fun. Learning. Teaching. Travelling. Reading. Growing. Challenging. FInding a better way. People. Fitness. Connecting. My integrity.

Talk to me about

Burning Man, Making the world a better place, Education, Africa, Reading, Running, Yourself.

People don't know I'm good at

Listening. Cooking. Running. Dancing.

My TED story

It's like Burningman, sort of, so I wanted to check it out! And my best friend has been coming for years. And I love learning and being inspired by diversity. It helps me make connections and see possibilities to make the world a better place.

Favorite talks