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Mukom Akong Tamon
Posted about 1 year ago
Will any of these new computer save the PC as a relevant consumer platform?
Pradyumna's waste argument is valid. It however doesn't address Michael's original question and no, these new slew of non-PC devices won't solve that problem -they may actually make it worse - for one thing the replacement cycle for non-PC devices is shorter than for PCs. As to Michael's original question - will these save PCs? I do agree with Pradyumna - The PC doesn't need to be saved. Human's will just use the best device for the job and that is OK a) Google glass for ubiquitous, unobtrusive things like look up manuals while doing repairs, navigating etc b) Smartphones and tables consuming content on a couch c) PCs for the hard core things like content creation. I'm willing to bet that there isn't a serious content creator that depends exclusively on non-PC devices in the digital age.