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Chris McGeehan
Posted about 2 years ago
Lucy McRae: How can technology transform the human body?
That's an interesting point of view, I seem to draw the opposite response from the same conclusions. I enjoy experimenting with my body, pushing it and testing it, to establish its capabilities and capacity. Given such an impressive almost-perfect tool I want to use it and see how adaptable and versatile a tool it is. And given such a personalised gift I would use is it as I might other personal items to help express myself through clothing or body modification. I also feel that as my body is essentially a vessel for my conciousness with which I have a very personal connection and that if I could expand aspects of my nervous system and proprioception outside of my body I could connect with external objects, environments, or even other people in a similar personal manner which would make them feel more a part of me and allow me to expand my conciousness almost, this and using parts of the body for further communication could be some of the most exciting ways trans-humanism might effect us in my opinion.