Michal Špaček

Student - education, Faculty of Education Charles University
Roztoky U Prahy, Czech Republic

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Absolvent of Mensa high school - 2004. From 05 Im studying on Faculty of Education / Charles University - specificaly Czech History and Social Sciencies - what is most likely Philosophy. I want improve my thinking about education systems and curriculums. Im realy horrible in writing in English and thats enough about me. Except I like spanish language for what i use Miguel Estornino nickname on Facebook (if you want connect me directly), but in fact i cannot speak Spanish.


Czech, English

Areas of Expertise

Education (elementary, secondary and tertiary), education

An idea worth spreading

Education is same as train, there is no reason for going from first stop to last. You could be happy on every station, but happiest you will be on station which fits best.

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Charles University

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Anything what i can understand

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My TED story

Im folower of sir Ken Robinson not in real life but i adore his speaches in subject and formal aspects of speach. TED is absolutely great idea and i want participate on its impact.

Comments & conversations

Michal Špaček
Posted over 4 years ago
Can people who deny science be educated? How?
Myth about Cave - there is only one person who is free to move and find out reality. This person is philosopher :-) Scientific reaserch gives us things which works but they work only with proper scientific training to use them. Every button to press is part of scientific world.
Michal Špaček
Posted over 4 years ago
Can people who deny science be educated? How?
My answer is based on my diploma thesis - Philosophical problems in work of Zdeněk Neubauer - whos Czech biologist and philosopher. If my statement isn´t properly english it´s caused by my weak knowledge of English. So i´m using google translator for check my statement. Science (experimental type) is extending world by finding how it could works in specified situation. Philosophy is looking to our experience - it´s way how to understand our world. Science is sort of religion - it makes world reasonable and understendable. Most important part of scientific reaserch is publication, which makes (finally) hypothesis proven. But we can´t verify piece of knowledge without knowledge of scientific methods or know-how. In philosphy is verification based on our experiencies with world. That makes diferent ways of knowledge useable for finding how world could be and how it is. To denial of science has no reason, but we have to know what is it, and what science looking for. It´s verified by every click on button switch, but button switch is part of scientific world - it´s one instrument of scientific know-how. Science can´t answer basic questions of life, universe and so on, but science can makes live easier. My statement might be out of topic but could be useful.
Michal Špaček
Posted almost 5 years ago
Dan Dennett: Dangerous memes
Have you ever listen to some joke? [If yes see next line - If not I have and ->. Have you try to say it someone? This is a "proof" of memetics. And system of Science is mem, too. Not as bad as others but it makes people sterile to some perspectives and stands which could be usefull in serching truth about universe.