About Leonardo


I learned all the English and French I have while living in Canada from 75 to 85

I learned a little about Architecture while getting my degree in Universidad de Chile from 85 to 91

I've learned all I know about art and painting by painting around my good friend and great painter Alejandro Balbontin for the last 20 years

I've learned about tacos, education and business process while working for a business consulting firm in Mexico for the Tecnológico de Monterrey from 95 to 99

I've learned and came to love Social activism and teaching entrepreneurship while working in Mercator Foundation in different roles for the last 15 years.

I've learned everything I know about entrepreneurship building our three companies during the last 8 years

* Gestion & Liderazgo S.A.
* Blue Company S.A.
* Gulliver S.A.

My main endeavor these days is coordinating the massive cultural change of a whole Chilean region called www.regionfertil.com


English, French, Spanish

TED Conferences

TED2014, TEDActive 2013, TEDActive 2012, TED2011, TED2010, TED2009

Areas of Expertise

Collective Intelligence, Change Management, Open Innovation

An idea worth spreading

Our Western Civilization generally understands language as a tool for describing reality. This is an idea me and my partners want to challenge, based on the groundbreaking findings of some of our teachers/mentors, the Chileans Francisco Varela , Humberto Maturana and Fernando Flores on how to understand the mind, its relationship to the human brain and the role of language in what makes up our reality.

The basic statement: language and reality are the result of social interaction in humans, not the result of a working human brain.

And since we firmly believe that language is a tool for creating reality, we also believe that the telecommunications revolution that we are participating in, is actually a drastic and unique moment in human evolution. We socially interact like never before. This is a discontinuity for our species. This moment in history is a tsunami that democratizes the capacity for creating new worlds.

I'm passionate about

Art, zen, Entrepreneurship, Collective Intelligence, Change Management, Open Innovation,


Universidad de Chile

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building communities,

People don't know I'm good at

Coaching, over the years, in my various endeavors, we have trained thousands of people in Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Panama and Honduras to improve their entrepreneurial skills.

My TED story

Organized TEDxPatagonia in Chile, the first event in July 2009 and the second in November 2010 www.tedxpatagonia.com

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