Teresa Oliver

Service Delivery Manager, Pragmatic
Zaragoza, Spain

About Teresa


Things I´ve done (in no particular order): Never worked on anything related to my University degree. Lived 3 years in Eastern Europe (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland) where I learnt to program. Managed IT consulting projects for medium & large customers. Worked one year in Buenos Aires, and a few months in Porto Alegre – had a great time. Spent one Summer travelling around India when I was 18. Learnt to play the piano, and then forgot how to do it. Taught in a few master´s programs. Changed my professional life from a big consulting firm to a new start-up full of ideas. Learnt Italian (sort of) in three weeks. Met my husband in the most Kafkian project I´ve ever taken part in. Enjoyed one year of Erasmus life in the Netherlands, best decision ever. Wished I had discovered agile methodologies a few years earlier. Always loved to read about the most disparate things, from evolutionary psychology to behavioral economics or contemporary fiction.

Things I am looking forward to: see my current company hit it big. Explore new ways of teaching and facilitating. Learn scuba diving. Live abroad again, eventually.


English, German, Italian, Spanish

An idea worth spreading

Agile Project Management methodologies can drastically improve the way projects are currently managed, not only in IT related fields. They could lead to much higher productivity rates, saving millions of $ each year, and more important, improving the motivation, happiness and self-esteem of all the teams involved. Stemming from the software development world, they can be applied to a wide range of human activities due to the deep values behind the methodology.

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Who you are, not what you do

People don't know I'm good at

Listening. Making tiramisú. Running. Telling fairytales. Starting things (not so good at ending them).

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