About Sheldon


I've found my purpose for being on this planet. It's to connect people to each other. I live for that moment when two people I know and admire meet each other for the first time. If I can help to make those connections happen, I'm a happy man. My "day job" is marketing coach for owners of small businesses - I help them decide on their goals and plan how their businesses will help them achieve those goals.

TED Conference

TEDActive 2014

Areas of Expertise

Marketing, Coach - Business, TEDx Organization, Startup coach

My TED story

I've watched 1300+ TED videos online in the last 6+ years. I went to my first TEDx event in 2009 in Auckland and just loved it. During my 3rd TEDx event as a participant I happened to meet the organisers and they gave me encouragement to run my own TEDx in my home town. 8 months of work later I did exactly that. My proudest moment was when I announced to my friends that I wanted to bring TEDx to our city and 14 people volunteered to help me.

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