Rolando Alvarado Anchisi

C.E.O. and Founder, R. Alvarado Anchisi, MD
David, Chiriqui Province, Panama

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Anatomic pathologist.


English, Spanish

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‘‘If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it", Albert Einstein

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Other than local gossip, not one.

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I'm a pop music nerd.

My TED story

I was introduced to TED at a workshop by Octantis and the City of Knowledge. The first one I ever saw was Malcolm Gladwell's Spaghetti sauce. That same night I went online, and saw at least ten TED talks. I was hooked. I shared most of what I saw with friends on Facebook. Downloaded the most inspiring ones, and went on to become a full blown addict.

Living in Panama, we are not exposed to things like TED talks. This concoction of ideas made me think of problems around me. I went on to change things in my private practice, my home and even my circle of friends. I've found myself to become a leader, instead of a disgruntled follower. An inventor, instead of a mere buyer. A critic of the world around me.

My hunger for knowledge, ideas and inspiration got me to other things like ForaTV and RSA animate. I've watched Google talks about their work, and other places for entrepreneurship. None of this would have happened if not for TED.

Thanks TED.

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Rolando Alvarado Anchisi
Posted over 4 years ago
The Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) is a low-cost, high-performance, open source 'civilization starter kit.'
I have the same experience. I'm a pathologist, and everything is great while in training in a city, But things go sour when trying to practice in a rural area in a third world country, So we worked on developing our own supplies and reducing the costs. After three years, me and my staff are still going. It's made me grow toward open source, free patents and do-it-yourself practices. I think that what you're doing can be extended to health as well.
Rolando Alvarado Anchisi
Posted over 4 years ago
Has religion outlived it's usefulness?
I agree with you. Being religious and being spiritual are separate paths. One can be spiritual and not adhere to any religious belief. How many problems are based only on religious points of view of the same issue? In a global world, connected, on the very edge of many scientific discoveries, it seems ethics, laws and spirituality have retired religion as the sole source of truth.