Volunteer Translator, Hayat Sende Youth Academy
Ankara, Turkey

About Ahmet


Muslim, Turkish Citizen, Volunteer, English Language Student, Gengo, TED and Twitter Translator, Prospective Educator.


English, German, Turkish

Areas of Expertise

English teaching

An idea worth spreading

Because ideas go up as long as we share them. One may have a great, unusual idea, but if does not share, it does not make any sense to anyone. Yes, let's try to share our ideas about everything, anything you and we wish. I am quite sure that will work!

I'm passionate about

About English and Turkish.. About life.. About Islam.. About being a Muslim.. That's all!

Talk to me about

English, languages, Islam, technology, health, economy, music, literature etc..

My TED story

I was just wandering around and bumped into a video called "English Mania". I watched it, and liked and appreciated it very much. Following this, I decided to join TED and wanted to become one of TED translators. That will definitely be fun for me..

Favorite talks