Marcio Machado

Coordinator Innovation and Technology, ULBRA - Universidade Luterana do Brasil
Porto Alegre, Brazil

About Marcio


Is graduated in Data Processing by Universidade Luterana do Brasil (1992), post-graduated in Systems Analysis by Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos (1994) and has a master degree in Science and Maths Education by Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos (1994). Nowadays is a PhD student also in Science and Math Education, at the same university. Since 1994, is a professor in Information Systems at ULBRA, acting in graduation and post graduation courses, coordinator of the Innovation and Technology Agency at ULBRA, and owner of the company Info World Tecnologia e Informática Ltda. Has experience in education management, working for 15 years as coordinator of Informatics course at ULBRA, and in business, emphasizing Informatics entrepreneurship, sales automation and software engineering.


English, Portuguese, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Social Media, Education Technology, Enterpreneurship, Information Systems

An idea worth spreading

Integration of the triple propeller (government, university and society), appropriating all the technology research developed by the university, applying to companies needs, being able to utilize their infrastructure, with government support. Involving this 3 entities, it´s possible to create several work configurations, , always focused in regional development.

I'm passionate about

My main passion is technology and the way it can change society. Besides, I am passionate about music and water.



Talk to me about

Innovative ideas, simple and with good implementation potential, which can change the society where we live.

People don't know I'm good at

Innovative processes in education (social networks)

My TED story

I had the opportunity to participate at the TEDxPortoAlegre, where I got to know it and fell in love with the event proposal. While attending to the presentations, I kept imagining the contributing it could bring to Canoas community development, and also the capability of ULBRA (institution where I work) in gathering people with “TED style”, in order to organize such an event.