About Freeman


I run a creative art and technology space in India called Jaaga. I am passionate about building large structures out of pallet racks, helping young people in India set up internet businesses, and using the internet to provide quality technical education to young people around the world. I also support a number of organizations involved with media, technology and education (ie. http://videovolunteers.org)



TED Conferences

TEDIndia 2009, TED2009

Areas of Expertise

Software Training & Development, Internet Video Publishing

An idea worth spreading

The Khan Academy, Stanford, MIT, P2Pu.org and countless other orgs that have made vast amounts of high quality learning materials freely available online. With all this content available there is a need for Internet Educational Video Theaters tutorial centers where students can participate in these online classes in a group environment with local mentors and tutors who can guide them thru the learning process.

I'm passionate about

internet video, india startups, pallet rack architecture, new media education


UC Santa Cruz

Talk to me about

pallet racks, startups, internet based education

People don't know I'm good at

Atari 2600 era video games

My TED story

I just talked about pallet racks at the TEDxSummit in Doha. Feeling relieved now. This event has been amazing.