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David Wuepper
Posted over 3 years ago
Is permaculture a feasible alternative to traditional agriculture?
From my point of view, the reason why we did not see Permaculture spread as much as one would hope are its requirements for the farmers: (a) after switching to Permaculture I assume it is a slow process of adaption of both the farm and the farmer until benefits exceed costs. This means significant risk for a family that has invested most of its assets in their farm. (b) Switching to Permaculture means leaving the system of clear instructed and science based agriculture and starting to learn individually how to work together with nature. I conclude that a government program could probably help a lot to start the transformation by reducing the risk for the individual farmer. PS. A great book on Permaculture (and also its founding document) is "The One Straw Revolution" by Masanobu Fukuoka