Arthur Turksma

Creative Director, Triptic online communication
Eindhoven, Netherlands

About Arthur


Educated as an architect, Arthur Turksma is 'into the internet' for almost 20 years. Running triptic, an internet agency based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, since 1997. The 20+ staff develops interactive experiences (sites, intranets etc) for mainly larger companies, hospitals and government. Projects range from an interactive digital museum with hundreds of thousands objects to social intranets for thousands of people. Arthurs passion for brainstorming and presenting lead to an addiction of watching TED talks. He co-founded TEDxBrainport in 2011, to turn his addiction into something usefull for the community of the Eindhoven region. He also mentored other TEDx events in the area.


Dutch, English, German

TED Conference

TEDActive 2012

Areas of Expertise

Concept & Idea Generation, Brainstorming, Creativity, Open data, TEDx, Entrepeneur, Web / GUI Design, UX Design, Internet strategy, presenting, curiousity

Talk to me about

Your passion. Peoples stories are fascinating, whether from factory workers or professors. I am curious by nature, and therefore always hungry for brain food.

My TED story

Inspired by TEDTalks for many years, I decided to gather inspiring people to organise TEDxBrainport. It was an amazing journey, and great to see so attendees, speakers and organisers enjoy discussing new ideas worth spreading!

Favorite talks

Comments & conversations

Arthur Turksma
Posted about 2 years ago
John Hodgman: Design, explained.
What the video doesn't show is that hese were actually three very short, funny talks in between the other talks. Putting them together in one video is a lot less funny than the anticipation of seeing John Hodgman appearing on the stage for a 2 minute intermezzo. And then disappear again. It was a welcome break between the more serieus talks!
Arthur Turksma
Posted over 2 years ago
T. Boone Pickens: Let's transform energy -- with natural gas
His talk made me cringe too, Jordi, I am European as well. But it does show the 'other side' of the spectrum. At TEDActive I had many heated debates over this talk with my fellow American TEDsters. I told them when the US is going to use more natural gas, some companies will thrive even more. in particular the European Shell, BP and the Russian Gazprom. They thought that was European-centric :)