Peter Andersen

Volunteer, The Scout Association
Chingford, United Kingdom

About Peter


"As a tale, so is life, not how long it is, but how good is it is what matters". There is very much a big part of my life going with wondering what good and what is bad, but for my self I have realized that it isn't important, the important thing is that I can enjoy life and do my best to life it all the time. In order to understand what I am trying to do, let me tell you a little story about who I am, what I came from and where I want to go: I was born in a "small" city called Vejle in Denmark, and when I set small in "" it is because it is big in danish measures, but in USA standards it would be seen as a little village in between great places. Well I see Vejle as a great city, and I love Denmark a lot, though I don't live there at the moment. After graduating school, I've went on to Gymnasium, which is the danish mixture of High School and College and it is what most people in Denmark do after graduation - I had a problem though, and it was very simple: I hated it. A friend of mine always says that "hate is a very strong word", but God knows that I hated it, and after about half a year out of the three planed, I decided to take the consequence and dropped out. Well, this was back in early 2007 and everybody in here that early 2007 was happy days, no worries really and therefor I wasn't too affriad of not finding any work - and so I did. First working with movies at a local community centre, later on volunteering for YMCA-Scouts of Denmark and latest working with festivals it was quite straight forward for me, or so I thought. The global financiel crisis certainly affected me, as so many others, in the way that it became impossible to find any meaningless, or for that matter unmeaningless, jobs - so now, I've spend since march 2010 in London, working on one of the biggest scout centres in the world, Gilwell Park. I volunteer here, and for me it is meaningfull and it was lucky that I even get to consider it. To summon up on my current situation: Despite the financiel crisis, I am a happy guy. Before I left Denmark I suddenly got involved of a lot of projects, and for me the most giving of them was a young peoples house in the center if my hometown. The house was under my leadership a little place, supported by governmental money (anybody who knows Danish politics and structure will know that it is quite normal), but despite the small house and the few users at the begining, we managed, without the coming in conflict or being dictated anything from the state, to do what we wanted - and it payd of. The place was called U3, a shortment for "Ungdommens 3" (litteraly "The Youths 3") reffering in my head to two things; The tree founding assosiations of the house and the fact that 3 is close to the danish word for a tree "trae", which symbolise very well the idea of the house. It was an amazing journy to be a part of. From sitting alone in the flat, wondering what to do with it, to suddenly have hundreds of people coming by now and then, was an amazing transformation. The headboard of the house was a fantastic and a very inspirering bunch of young people, the oldest being 21-22 years old, to see them getting together despite culturel and espicially very political differences was very cool, and I can say that many of them is very good friends today, hanging out dayli, were they barely new each other a year before, they now rise so many things together - that is truly amazing.

Areas of Expertise

Social Media & Social Networks

An idea worth spreading

I want to spread the idea of "Blank Markedsfoering" or "Blanc Advertising" litteraly translated. The basic idea is to look at advertising as an open road, starting on the deserts dusty paths, where you can barely see, to leading to Rome, London or even New York where flashing neons signs is common. Well, this is a metaphor and it is more strictly spoken ment like this: Always start advertising with a blanc piece of paper, write a word descriping all you stand for, upload on various websites or spread it out to people, let them get to know the word well, and then call companies saying "I have a great idea for a commercial for you, use the word "Timewise", because people seem to reflect very well on it" - maybe they say "bugger of", but then don't give up, no instead you draw a poster where "Timewise" is a very essential part of it. Then you go from company to company saing "Hi, what do you think of this." - I'm sorry for this very bad description of what Blank Markedsfoering really is!

I'm passionate about

My passions range broadly, but to I will mention in particular: The fact that the Scouting Movement can touch so many things, and the second being Social Networks like facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Talk to me about

Facebook, reality, creativity, eventmanagement and hoseshoes - what I say, just talk to me, we can always find something interesting to lead from an opening liner!

People don't know I'm good at

.. being a boss! Most people think I am good at many things, but only a few people have been under my leadership, and everytime they have giving me fantastic reviews on it. And I can sing!

My TED story

I've discovered the website through a danish newspaper "Information" and after seing a couple of videos I was absolutly sold!

Comments & conversations

Peter Andersen
Posted almost 5 years ago
Gordon Brown: Global ethic vs. national interest
I agree with you, but I will also say, that if just some of what he says here is actually what he wants, well, that aint bad at all! Yes, the way he and the government acted was wrong, just like in Denmark, but let us see foward and hope they do what they say, otherwise it is gonna be a really long run towards a better world!!
Peter Andersen
Posted almost 5 years ago
Patsy Rodenburg: Why I do theater
A very nice introduction to people who think they wanna become actors. And I would really hope that the actors of the next genarations take their time to listen to people like her, because then we might evovle and enter a time, where "High School Musical" and other likewise movies isn't the measurement of good or bad.
Peter Andersen
Posted almost 5 years ago
Nic Marks: The Happy Planet Index
Listening to this talk, I had a vision of doing things differently, not because I haven't heard the bottomline of his ideas a hundred times before, but because of the way he explained it. I am a member of green party, and I wish for the earth that we start to take it seriously, but no matter what we think, those who really needs to do something, is still sitting on their hands. But what Nic presents in this talk, might be what we need to do, to change our own and our leaders way of thinking!