Pradhan Thandra

Training Expert, 24/7 Customer
Hyderabad, India

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English, Hindi, Telugu

Areas of Expertise

Training / Education / Development, Training & Mentoring, Thinking & dreaming, Musician-Guitar-Bass-Singer, Photography, Poetry and Writing, Counseling one on one/group, Presenter/Teacher, apologetics, NGOs/Non-profits

I'm passionate about

Music & Creativity, Firm believer in God, Love, and Justice. I definetely want to change the World around me and add Life to the one's who don't have it right now.

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Music - Rock, Jazz, Blues, Alternative, Acoustic, Creative Thinking,Social Justice,World Religions,Apologetics,Training, Photography, Writing/Poetry, God, NGOs

People don't know I'm good at

Public Speaking, Musicianship, Photography, Helping people in need..

My TED story

TED talks have inspired me to aim Big in Life. The speakers/leaders have taken creativity to a new level and indeed I believe along with you that "WE" can save the world. My favorites have been talks by/about - Pranav Mistry, Warchild-Emmanuel Jal, Talk about 3D World Atlas, Billy graham, Dalai Lama, Rick Warren to name a few. I've realized that leaving an impression and influencing people before you die is the best you could do as human. After a couple of generation no one will even know who Iam. My passion is to bring a change and a revolution for the little time Iam around. I'm currently working on a project to help underpriviliged children in my city ages below 15. The final aim is to set up a Coffee House and supporting the children with the money that we earn.

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Pradhan Thandra
Posted about 3 years ago
What was the most amazing social experience you had and why?
A small one compared to the below responses .. As Corporate leaders/employees we tend to go out to NGOs, Streets etc to do charity, It's sad that we don't see the ones in need around. I got an opportunity to train the Security gaurds in our office. It was a need and I stepped up to do it. These individuals were not great communicators or had no basic Telephone Etiquette and it was a joy to share knowledge ..
Pradhan Thandra
Posted over 3 years ago
Is There a God?
Tipton ...another way of looking at this situation is ...When people did NOT believe in God.. A Godless generation damaged the world even more ..and I don't have to name the " Ungodly Godheads" Who gave nothing but more violence to the world .. Or We can look at belief systems and the believers who use them the wrong way and put the entire community in a place where everyone in that group is hated for just one mistake by one person ..