Frederico Dinis

PhD Candidate at CES, CES - Centre for Social Studies
Coimbra, Portugal

About Frederico


Portuguese researcher and artist, born in 1974, using both audio and visual media.
His work takes on multiple forms such as installation, performance, theatre, photography, radio, video, recordings and sound pieces.
He creates ambient atmospheric soundscapes that transports the audience to unknown places and that dialogue with abstract and symbolic visual narratives.
In recent years his work was listened and presented in venues such as Galeria Santa Clara, Aqui Base Tango, Salão Brazil, Mosteiro de Santa Clara-a-Velha and TAGV – Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente, and in events such as Salva-a-Terra - Ecofestival de Musica, Freedom Festival, MADEIRADiG and Universo Paralello Festival.
In 2011, he dreamed and produced "gentle breeze at sunset", his debut album, which integrates a diverse set of sounds and works like "a lens capable of capturing all the emotions of those who hear him”. In the begging of 2013 he returned with “chilled winter sunrise”, his second album, where “his sound transforms logic at each instant and offers the opportunity to travel trough time”.
He is currently developing his artistic language with the aim to foster innovative audio-visual processes, related with real-time sound visualization, and exploring sound and image relations, at the Artistic Studies PhD Program at University of Coimbra.


English, French, Portuguese

Areas of Expertise

Knowledge Management, Facilitator, Entrepreneurship and Startup Management, R&D management , Innovation Management & Management Thinking, Talent and Creativity Systems, Science and Technology Policies

I'm passionate about

Jazz, 970 albums and counting
Miles Davis, So what?
Books, my innovation related library
Mountain Biking, running through trails
Photography, polaroid & lomo... Vespa... and TED

People don't know I'm good at

I'm an Electronic Music Performer and Producer with two edited albums "gentle breeze at sunset" (2011) and "chilled winter sunrise" (2013).

My TED story

...TED inspired my way of doing things!

Favorite talks