Sailor Usher

Kansas City, MO, United States

About Sailor


I am interested in everything and now that I've found ted I can't stop watching the videos.

Areas of Expertise

Industrial Design, Architectur, Engineering, Music - Arrangement, Composition, Performance, Studio

An idea worth spreading


I'm passionate about

legalizing Longboarding, Stopping global immaturity, and the survival and preservation of all species.

People don't know I'm good at

Halo 3

My TED story

I have been unschooled from birth, There is a large non-secular homeschooling group in missouri, I've always loved learning, and about a month ago my mom sent me a link to the site ever since then I have been watching talks, I've learned about such abscure issues that really do affect me, I am a writer and a musician, but I have always had an interest in well legos, any type of design a lego can do, I would literally play for hours, the same is true for halo the video game made by bungie studios, I played and got pretty good mlg level at one point, but the major leagues weren't what I was looking for, so I started playing piano, now three years later I watch these videos for hours a day, I am taking classes at penn valley community college, and when I am ready I will go to college for architecture, engineering, industrial design, and music. I don't confine myself to a single profession, because I may be entirely involved in one thing at a time, but the cycle consistently repeats.

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