Gustavo Merchan

Product Manager - Information Technology, Beesion Technologies
Buenos Aires Capital Federal, Argentina

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English, Spanish

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BPM, software - enterprise applications

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God is a personification for an abstract notion of self-consciousness. I believe that only in that way it makes sense to admit the existence of a God. Only in that sense, different Gods represent different social and cultural moral frameworks. God is that common denominator of what we believe is good or right. It's in us. That's why at war each party states that God is on their side. It only means that they engage in battle by their convictions of what is good. So if your are asked weather you believe in love or goodness... most likely you'll say YES I DO. Therefore, in the same way we should believe in God, only in this non-superstitious fashion. This is probably why religious people may be offended by atheists. Understand also that heaven or hell are only metaphors of what happens to us in life when we are at peace or not with our conscious. God is also referred in science as a metaphorical representation of the part of nature that is yet to be discovered or not well-understood.

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Nature and Cosmos. Technology and Engineering. Design and Arts. Adventurous Travel and Food. Sports and Fitness. Yoga and Meditation. Social and Community Life.

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solving complex problems

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Gustavo Merchan
Posted almost 5 years ago
Dean Ornish: Your genes are not your fate
Nicotine itself is not carcinogenic, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, but is implicated in heart disease." (quoted from… ) "Nicotine is not in itself carcinogenic, but has been shown to be co-carcinogenic with benzo(a)pyrene [also found in tobacco smoke] in causing skin cancer in mice" (quoted from… ) In conclusion, while nicotine itself is not carcinogenic it is shown to be co-carcinogenic with other chemicals, including those found in cigarette smoke. Once a person has lung cancer, nicotine can interfere with body's natural ability (as well as the ability of cancer fighting drugs) to get rid of the cancer. (See… )
Gustavo Merchan
Posted almost 5 years ago
Charles Leadbeater: Education innovation in the slums
I disagree. Math is not memorizing. you may need to memorize some basic calulation to speed up the important part of math which is processing abstract entities and their relationships. That goes way forward basic calculation. Math is about understanding quantitative problems and being able to figure out a solution. It is also about training your brain to recognize patterns and elaborate abstract ideas and models that explain those patterns. It is to be able to do analytical processing of size, proportion, scale and estimation. Those are all very different cognitive functions from just memorizing.