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act as if you don't care what others will think and if they laugh... remember you are on the right track

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anand Khemka
Posted almost 2 years ago
Can I help you find a TEDTalk you remember watching?
Hey , thank you for this. I also request your help.i once watched a talk where in a guy was talkin about how he treated people who lost arm and still felt they haven't. The talk also showed a girl whose hand had been in such a condition that she felt immense pain even when touched. It was like a feather touched felt like stone . Then later in the talk he showed how his method got the girl cured. He was talking something about training the nerves to perform in a particular way. Many thanks
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anand Khemka
Posted about 2 years ago
Teachers vs Young, Creative Minds and Balancing the Curriculum
I am glad to find such an interesting discussion. I am glad for generator of this topic. We should not omit the fact that every one justifies their action to be correct , even a criminal. A teacher always feels what they are doing is right for all and so do students. In my opinion , learning classes should also be held for teachers in d form of workshops every now and then to keep them aware of their role. Education is learning how to learn and surely Vedic Mathis , speed reading and memorising will do great deal for the studens and give them more time to persue their creative instinct.