Marina Theodotou

Owner and Managing Director, Curveball Ltd
Nicosia, Cyprus

About Marina


Marina Theodotou is an Economist and the founder of Curveball Ltd, a boutique strategic consultancy services provider to Investment Promotion Agencies, start-ups, foundations and private enterprises. Previous roles include Director of Business Development and Operations at the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency. During her tenure, Cyprus was ranked for the first time in the World Bank Doing Business Report. In her role as Country Director where she set up the office of the Financial Services Volunteer Corps in Amman, Jordan, the Central Bank of Jordan strengthened on site and off site supervision and Basel II requirements; the Jordan banking sector adopted the Small Medium Enterprises Strategy Blueprint developed by FSVC in conjunction with H.E. The Minister of International Cooperation . Earlier in her career at Bank of America, Ms. Theodotou worked in Trade Finance, Internal Audit, Corporate Treasury, Risk Management and Strategic Benchmarking in Quality & Productivity at Bank of America in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA and New York City. In 2009, she was voted one of the most powerful women in business in Cyprus. In Dec. 2010, she was selected as one of the 10 Women Entrepreneur Ambassadors recognized by the HRH Princess Mathilde of Belgium in Brussels. She holds a Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Economics from the University of South Carolina, a Six Sigma Black Belt and an IEMA certified Climate Change Leader. For more information visit She holds a dual citizenship , US and EU and resides in Nicosia, Cyprus.

TED Conference

TEDGlobal 2012

Areas of Expertise

Six Sigma Methodology, Project Management, Benchmarking, NGO Management, start ups, social entrepreneurship, networking

I'm passionate about

the nexus and the economics of issues incl empowerement & accountability, arts& culture, women, youth, entrepereneurship, policy making, peace building, good wine, the Mediterranean, NYC, just do it

People don't know I'm good at

Pottery making, cooking, guessing people's nationalities at airports, home decorating, hosting lavish dinners ( or lunches) for friends, excellent packer, love sushi, natural two handed backhand

My TED story

I am very inspired by TED and have been following it for a bit. I love the platform of idea generation it provides and the powerful impact it can generate. After an existentialist mini-crisis I put myself through between Nov.2010-Jan2011 of whether to return for good back to the States or continue living in Cyprus, I decided to do the anti-Marina approach and stay rather than pack up again and leave (am someone who moved 4 cities and 3 countries in 9 years). Staying conserves the energy consumed by a transatlantic move and makes it available to pursue and cultivate interests & make a difference in a community that is inching out and growing and changing. Hence the vision to bring TEDx in Nicosia after the nudging of my good friend Caterina, who actually introduced me to and TEDxThessalloniki...I would like to generate ideas to reBRAND Cyprus and hope that TEDxNicosia can be a good start for that. Tnk u for the opportunity to share my TED story & keep inspiring us!

Comments & conversations

Marina Theodotou
Posted over 4 years ago
What do employees want the most?
My preference and modus operandi has been first empowerment and accountability and growth with and through the project/company/gig. If you are happy in there, creating and being challenged, the money follows. Money is great, as it is a medium to exchange for goods and ervices and also helplful in purchasing the opportunity for new experiences and memories ( eg. travel, trying a new restaurant, becoming a member in a museum or contributing to social or civic cause). It comes and goes but memorable experiences and expertise gained through time do not.