Will True

Product Development, TED Conferences
Brooklyn, NY, United States

About Will


I get to work on all sorts of gadgets and gizmos to help share TED with the world. From iOS to Android, gaming consoles to set-top TV boxes -- anything with a screen that I can tinker with. I also lead development of the TEDConnect conference app.



TED Conferences

TEDGlobal 2014, TED2014, TEDWomen 2013, TED Fellows Retreat 2013, TEDGlobal 2013, TED2013, TEDGlobal 2012, TED2012, TEDGlobal 2011, TED2011

Areas of Expertise

International Political Economy and Development, technology, Computers, Computer repair

I'm passionate about

Food, purpose, happiness, peace, learning, photography, and baseball

Talk to me about

Food (eating, cooking, adventuring), technology, photography, travel, bourbon, music, St. Louis Cardinals baseball, TED, the Middle East, the Midwest, or the Pacific Northwest

People don't know I'm good at

Random trivia

My TED story

I was introduced to TED.com my senior year of college when a professor showed me the site and specifically, Sir Ken Robinson's first talk. I quickly became a voracious consumer of the talks and greatly admired the organization and what it stood for. I've had the privilege of working for TED since March of 2011, before which I was with Apple business sales for nearly 2 years in Manhattan. Thus far, TED has been everything I could have hoped for, and I couldn't be happier with the turns and twists of life that led me here.

Favorite talks

Comments & conversations

Will True
Posted over 2 years ago
Mikko Hypponen: Three types of online attack
Hi Josh -- That what to watch next talk is actually Mikko's TEDTalk from TEDGlobal this year, it's a bit longer and is one of my personal favorites, I would definitely recommend checking it out! I just checked on this video and it does in fact end at 9:23. It appears Mikko get's clipped a touch saying "thank you very much" right at the end.
Will True
Posted almost 3 years ago
Allan Jones: A map of the brain
Hi Daniel -- Kate is correct in her instruction on fullscreen mode. If you are following those steps already and not seeing full-screen mode activate please do describe what you are seeing in an email to contact[at]ted.com (include your browser and version number in the email please). We will work with you to resolve the issue. Thanks!
Will True
Posted almost 3 years ago
Jean-Baptiste Michel + Erez Lieberman Aiden: What we learned from 5 million books
Hi Petr -- Sorry you had trouble understanding the talk! I would recommend turning on the English subtitles to help facilitate your understanding. Additionally, the feature you describe is actually already enabled. Within the interactive transcript on the side you can click on specific portions of the text and it will jump you to that location. That works regardless of the language you have selected for subtitles. If you, or anyone else, have questions please feel free to email contact[at]ted.com.
Will True
Posted almost 3 years ago
Hi A.J. -- if you wouldn't mind, could you send an email to contact[at]ted.com describing the issues you've been having with your profile and registration? We'll be happy to get those resolved for you as soon as possible.