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I am a human Physiologist and an entrepreneur. One of my venture is in Education where I constantly seek means of solving learning difficulties through focusing on memory. Presently I am working on the cases of laziness as seen among students and young adults. In my spare time, I have led my Ability Design team focused on growing the creative and developmental skills in the youth around my community.I believe in richness (Quality) and I let that reflect in anything that I involve.

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Ideas, providing solutions and putting smiles on the faces of humanity.

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Darlington Uzoigwe
Posted almost 4 years ago
Bunker Roy: Learning from a barefoot movement
This is one of the best talks and Ideas that I've ever heard . Bunker to me has redefined success. He has given a new perspective to existing academic definition of enlightenment. He has found a way of involving an isolated and important part of the society. my best word 'TELEWOMAN'