Taylor Pratt

Student, Penn State University
Hershey, PA, United States

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English, Filipino

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Ultimate Frisbee, Writing, Websites, Education, Good Music, Ryan Adams

People don't know I'm good at

adlibing on the violin.

My TED story

First heard of TED from Irene Petrick, my IST professor at Penn State.

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Taylor Pratt
Posted about 4 years ago
How can a talented teenager prepare himself for a scientific career? What do you scientists recommend? (Personal experiences, please).
Carl Djerassi's Cantor's Dilemma is a novel that talks about how scientists and researchers can promote and further their work. It does have some adult content--I don't remember it describing sex but sex is implied. However, someone looking to go into the scientific field may find this book useful for understanding the politics that do happen.
Taylor Pratt
Posted about 5 years ago
Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?
haha. For Calculus last semester (I took it a second time), I decided to make flow charts It has circles around major concepts and formulas with lines connecting them. The lines connected parts of formulas that were similar. It forced me to find connections between the formulas and helped me to understand how they were all related. Tedious. But it made math more fun.