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Ithaca, NY, United States

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Angela Noble-Grange has been affiliated with Cornell since 1992 when she received her letter of admittance to the Johnson school. She has been a student, alumna, staff member and faculty member. Needless to say she’s seen many sides of the Johnson school.
She characterizes herself as a serial entrepreneur who has spent her entire career helping others reach their full potential. Her first entrepreneurial venture was the Noble-Economic Development Group, which she started right after graduating from the Johnson school. Venture number 2 happened In 1999 when she returned to Johnson to launch the Office for Women and Minorities in Business, now the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Her most recent entrepreneurial venture involves teaching oral communication and management writing. Angela considers teaching very entrepreneurial because she develops courses as if they are her product and the students, her customers. Her view is that her product has to change with the customer needs or she won’t be in business very long.
When she’s not at Johnson, she serves on the board of directors of the Elizabeth Ann Clune Montessori School of Ithaca where two of her three daughters (Casey 8 and Cameron 5) attend school. She has served on the board of directors of the Forte Foundation and the Go Fund of Ithaca (a local community development venture capital fund).
To those who think there’s nothing to do in Ithaca, she says think again. In the winter you can find Angela at every Cornell Men’s Basketball game. She’s such a fan that she strong-armed her family into a drive down to Jacksonville to see Cornell win the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament. When the weather’s not frightful outside, you may also find her jogging down by the lake, playing golf on one of the many beautiful golf courses in the Ithaca area or hiking along one of the waterfalls in the area.

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economic parity, entrepreneurship, inspiring others

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Angela Noble-Grange
Posted about 2 years ago
Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion
Rita, you are so right! I teach graduate business students and my class is very popular among the students. I started to wonder what I was doing to cause this. I asked one of my students and he said its because you care about us and you love what you are doing. So we want to learn from you. That was a magical moment of discovery for me. Thank you for your inspiring talk. I will post to my Fb page!
Angela Noble-Grange
Posted over 2 years ago
Colin Powell: Kids need structure
Structure is essential for children and for most adults. How you deliver that structure is also important. My kids receive structure in a Montessori environment, quite different from the military structure as it allows the child room to think on his/ her own. Different situations require different strategies...apply as needed.