Chan Myae Khine

Founder, Young Myanmar Abroad Association
Yangon, Myanmar

About Chan Myae


English, Japanese

Areas of Expertise

Writing (Articles & Fiction), Programming - C#, Blogging, talking too much, Gaming, translating, Languages

An idea worth spreading

Just be human. Think as human and act as human. Then, we could avoid all unnecessary problems in the whole universe.

I'm passionate about

writing! I'm currently on wrong profession but I promise myself that I'll change it to writer before I'm 25. The only thing I never get bored in the whole universe is only writing.

Talk to me about

1)Writing. I'll discuss as my leisure time allows.
2)Blogging, Yes, I'm IT Savvy and loves sharing idea online.
3)Myanmar, Don't worry. Whatever you think about Myanmar, you can verify with me. ;)

People don't know I'm good at

chess. I'm not a skillful player but no one knows that I can play it pretty well.

My TED story

I'm eager to do online jobs and love to be a volunteer. Via a status message of my friendly Vietnamese friend, I found TED. I simply google it and tried to grab a great chance. At first, I was afraid whether Myanmar includes in 40 languages. I don't know how to express my feeling when I found Myanmar(Burmese) in language list. Currently, I have done nothing on TED but trying my best to traslate as I found only one translation to Myanmar.