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Business and social entrepreneur, angel investments, risk taker, supporter of new initiatives, supporting companies I have a share in, Fan of project based learning, school business links, enterprise, people who act and do things. Have a share in 10 businesses in Poland one in the UK. Starting and running on- and offline communities primarily (but not only) in the area of volunteering, TED.com, TEDx, entrepreneurship promotion and support.

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TEDGlobal 2012, TEDGlobal 2011

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Making it is as easy to make contact with and meet TED and TEDx fans when we travel as it is to meet Couchsurfers. See the TED and TEDx Fans Travel and Meetup club in my links on this page

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making things happen, TED, sharing ideas and getting things up and running.

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the best thing that happened in your week.

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unlocking other people's entrepreneurial spirit, taking risks, not asking for permission, getting new projects off the ground

My TED story

I curated TEDxKazimierz in 2015, I spoke at TEDxKrakow about running a global movement with no budget via a Facebook group, and at TEDxWrocław Salon about it never being too late (or early) to get into entrepreneurship
I've been sponsor, speaker, team member, co-organiser and supporter of or at
TEDxKrakow, TEDxKrakowCinema, TEDxYouth@Krakow, TEDxYouth@Podgorze, TEDxWarsawSalon, TEDxWarsawPresidentialPlace
I set up the TED and TEDx fans in Poland and the TED and TEDx Fans Travel and Meetup Club on Facebook which aims to bring Couchsurfing values and build community among TED and TEDx fans.
I use TED.com talks in enterprise workshops I run in schools and universities as a volunteer on the Polish committee for Global Entrepreneurship Week.
I believe TED is part of my optimistic vision of the way the world should be.
I interview TEDx-ers and TEDx speakers on my blog I like people who like TED. I've transcribed a TEDx talk for the Open Translation Project.

Comments & conversations

Richard Lucas
Posted 9 months ago
Melissa Fleming: Let’s help refugees thrive, not just survive
I'm trying to find a director of a immigration detention centre or refugee camp who will let me do an free installation of a screen showing TED talks.. If anyone reading this wants to help make it happen, please get in touch. I can provide some funds for a pilot project. but haven't found a location yet.
Richard Lucas
Posted 10 months ago
Charmian Gooch: My wish: To launch a new era of openness in business
Arachnys -a company that helps dig out corporation information writes here in their blog today "This is not to say that the Isle of Man does not suffer from opacity, the new 2006 Company Act now requires fewer reporting details. This act coupled with a 0% corporate tax, also introduced in 2006, means that the Isle of Man could well become a haven for those wishing to engage in opaque business practices. " http://blog.arachnys.com/research/a-tour-of-the-isle-of-man-registry-behind-the-manx-paywall"
Richard Lucas
Posted almost 3 years ago
Leslie T. Chang: The voices of China's workers
her book should be compulsory reading for those who think that private enterprise is damaging the poor in developing countries/. There is no question that life is very tough for Chinese migrant workers, but look at the lives they are migrating from.
Richard Lucas
Posted over 3 years ago
How can we simplify legal/business language?
Hi do you guys know about STE (Simplified Technical English) its used by the airline air traffic control and in a few other sectors http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simplified_English I'm in a business associated with helping companies cut their translation budgets by getting the source language sorted out: for example http://ste.argostranslations.com/ste-consulting/ In the long run if it saves money I guess it will spread, but its only recently that this has started to matter as globalization means more and more organisations have to think about not just their own language but the rest of the world too.
Richard Lucas
Posted over 3 years ago
Is There any alternative for the website like KHAN ACADEMY ?
ICT Magic from Martin Burrett http://ictmagic.wikispaces.com/ http://blog.wikispaces.com/2011/08/featured-wiki-ictmagic.html I haven't reviewed these, but they look promising http://freevideolectures.com/blog/2010/12/400-free-online-courses-youtube/ For easier more "fun" stuff then videojug can be good http://www.videojug.com/tag/school-life-and-education but TED talks are the best.. We had some great ones at TEDxKrakow last week :-) Richard
Richard Lucas
Posted almost 4 years ago
Time based online volunteering portal.
There is a lot to this idea. Key points Global is good. Catchafire.org home page shows a map of America. I am pro American, but what if I am in Europe and I want to help someone in Syria? Rationing.. if I am giving time for free I want to know who to give it to...some kind of voting system where those whose need is the most deserving get to the top of this list Quality control. Who checks if I am any good as a coach, mentor, whatever . Ebay Couchsurfing type references and scoring would help not "re inventing the wheel" where there are great "for free" category killers (like Livemocha.com for languages, Couchsurfing.org for hosting guests, Khanacademy.org for teaching, just have a link through. and develop criteria to support and work with best practice, such as "genuine for free" Useful tools and features. Apart from matching demand and supply the web site should have genuinely useful tools (like Khan Academy) to make sure that it adds and creates value Copyright. TED.com exploded because of Creative Commons. Make sure the content created is in Creative Commons so that everyone can benefit. Leadership and vision. A Chris Anderson type person at the top inspiring and leading makes a huge difference Good luck. I'll give an hour a week to entrepreneurship coaching Richard
Richard Lucas
Posted over 4 years ago
What about TED-based clubs in schools? TED-based classes?
Excellent idea here are some photos from this morning, where I was helping another parent do an enterprise leadership workshop where we used two TED videos (Sivers the Dancing guy, and Richard St John on Success. https://picasaweb.google.com/richard.lucas2009/RecentlyUpdated02?authkey=Gv1sRgCIOpsYe58-Ta8gE# If it can work with 11 year olds in Cracow Poland, why not in your school. Some ideas Get school alumni and parents involved, Do an appeal on your school web site, alumni mag and school newsletter. like this. https://picasaweb.google.com/richard.lucas2009/RecentlyUpdated#5426542880233439250 I blogged about it here http://www.pmrpublications.com/wordpress/2008/07/09/helping-school-children-find-out-about-the-world-of-work-%E2%80%93-low-cost-high-impact-best-practice-from-winchester-college-uk/ and now we are running a competition as part of Global Entreprenuership Week where kids can win prizes for tracking down and interviewing their school alumni who have set up businesses. The web site is in Polish but if you want to copy it I'll send you more details Pick a theme. appeal for parents, alumni who have some practical experience. Ask your school director if you can show a TED talk at some school event. Ask directors of nearby schools if you can appeal to them to do an inter school event, like a Flash Mob with dance schools, like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQ3d3KigPQM Find other schools world wide and do Skype link ups. Find partners people running causes you like and work with them. For example invite in local crime prevention, drug abuse centres, people who work with criminals and put them on a panel for example invite in your local Toastmasters, Humanists Atheists, Islamists Christians, people who don't normally meet and then show one Christian TED talk Billy Graham, one anti etc etc Get an energy consultant to advise on making the school more eco friendly. Do internet TV live streaming Good luck, and congrats Richard Lucas
Richard Lucas
Posted about 5 years ago
Sugata Mitra: Kids can teach themselves
hi - can you send me links to the projects you refer to, I'd like to bring my network in Krakow Poland to these projects once I understand more about them. we did a skype link up to veterens from Second World War with a primary school in Poland for our Wojtek the Soldier bear project thanks Richard